2020 Publications

Publications Summary

  • 2 Books
  • 2 Book Chapters
  • 70 Journal Articles
  • 13 Articles (19%) Published in Journals with an IF >10
  • 11 Articles (16%) Published in Nature Journals


  1. Mai, J., Majtanic, M., Paxinos, G. (2020). Atlas of the Human Brain, 4th ed. San Diego: Academic Press.
  2. Paxinos, G., Halliday, G., Watson, C., et al. (2020). Atlas of the Developing Mouse Brain, 2nd ed. San Diego: Academic Press.

Book Chapters

  1. Gharaei, S., Stuart, G.J., Arabzadeh, E. (2020). Collicular Anatomy and Function, in The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, B. Fritzsch (Ed). Netherlands: Elsevier. p. 549-566.
  2. Ibbotson, M.R., Meffin, H. (2020). Visual Information Procssing, in The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, B. Fritzsch (Ed). Netherlands: Elsevier. p. 36-53.

Journal Articles

  1. Alinejad, H., Yang, D.P., Robinson, P.A. (2020). Mode-locking dynamics of corticothalamic system responses to periodic external stimuli. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 402: p. 132231. 10.1016/j.physd.2019.132231.
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