Rapid advances in neuroscience have transformed our understanding of human cognition and behaviour. As the secrets of our brains are unlocked, these discoveries present ethical challenges for society.

Under the leadership of the Centre’s Neuroethics Program Coordinator, A/Prof Adrian Carter, the Centre’s Neuroethics Program explored the social, ethical, legal and policy implications raised through our growing knowledge of the brain.

Key Achievements

The Neuroethics Program supported many events including the Neuroethics Down Under conference in 2014 followed by the Australian Neuroscience and Society Conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

To grow the Australian neuroethics community, The Australian Neuroethics Network (ANN) was established in 2017 and grew to over 120 members.

Public debates and lectures were also held featuring prominent national and international neuroethicists and brain researchers. These events were held in prominent city venues and were often booked to capacity. A wide range of people attended these public events, representing members from the science, legal, government, medical, patient advocacy and general community.

Watch a selection of our biggest neuroethics events on the Video page.