Non-research programs extend our influence

In addition to conducting research, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function runs several non-research programs that extend the Centre’s reach and influence beyond the academic community.

Public outreach (The Brain Dialogue)

Through The Brain Dialogue, we share information about brain research with anyone who has an interest, be they an opera singer, CEO, engineer or chef. We translate new research findings that are published in research papers into plain language summaries so that they are accessible to everyone. We also encourage discussion through social media and hold events to explore the issues emerging from brain research discoveries.


Our Neuroethics Program explores the social, ethical, legal and policy implications raised through our growing knowledge of the brain. By doing so, we hope to translate our brain research into effective and ethical interventions, treatments and policies.


Instrumentation and equipment used to image and record integrative brain activity generates vast amounts of digital data that present data storage and analysis issues for researchers. Our Neuroinformatics Program is focused on meeting these challenges.

Gender equity

The Centre is committed to providing opportunities for women and men to establish and maintain their research careers – a commitment that is reflected in our gender equity policy.


Our Industry engagement program supports the management and commercial exploitation of intellectual property developed from Centre research. The program is also responsible for our industry engagement, innovation and entrepreneurial support program.