Kids create brainy masterpieces

We want to inspire primary school children to think about how marvellous the human brain is so each year we hold an art competition during Brain Awareness Week (March). School children from around Australia are invited to create an artwork inspired by completing the thought: ‘I use my brain to…’

2017 Winners

Category 1. Foundation year (Prep) and Year 1
1st place: Stefanie K, VIC
2nd place: Tess L QLD
3rd place: Jai B, NSW

Category 2. Years 2 – 4
1st place: Ghil G, QLD           Watch Ghil talk about his win on Channel 9 News (Facebook video).
2nd place: Riley W, NSW
3rd place: Gabby F, NSW

Category 3. Years 5 – 6
1st place: Kane P, NSW
2nd place: Lok Yi L, VIC
3rd place: Amelia G, VIC