Supporting new brain researchers

For Early Career Researchers (ECRs), including PhD students, we offer professional support, development and mentoring. Supporting new brain researchers is critical for retaining their scientific talents and ensuring future excellence in Australian brain research.

ECR Committee

Our Early Career Researcher Committee continues to grow and represent our emerging brain researchers from multiple disciplines across Australia. The Committee has implemented an inter-lab exchange program, travel awards and state-based events to foster networking and collaboration.

2019 ECR Committee

The 2019 ECR Committee includes:

  • Cong Wang (QLD)
  • Marilia Menezes de Oliveira (NSW)
  • Conrad Lee (ACT)
  • Molis Yunzab (VIC)
ECR committee email:
Fellows and Scholars from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function came together for an Early Career Researchers retreat in 2019. The annual retreat is a great way for these young brain researchers to exchange ideas, discuss collaborations and bond over their research.