Chief Investigators

Chief Investigators (CI) are responsible for leading our research. Each CI is listed below, along with their role within the Centre and their host institution.

Gary Egan
Director - Monash University
Marcello Rosa
Deputy Director – Monash University
Jason Mattingley
Associate Director, Leader Brain Systems – University of Queensland
Ehsan Arabzadeh
Leader Decision-Making – Australian National University
Michael Ibbotson
Leader Attention – University of Melbourne
Peter Robinson
Leader Models and Technologies – University of Sydney
Pankaj Sah
Leader Neural Circuits - University of Queensland
Greg Stuart
Leader Cells and Synapses – Australian National University
Marta Garrido
University of Queensland
Ulrike Grünert
University of Sydney
Arthur Lowery
Monash University
Paul Martin
University of Sydney
George Paxinos
University of New South Wales
Steve Petrou
University of Melbourne
Stan Skafidas
University of Melbourne

Management and Administration

Our extensive research program is supported by a team of management and administrative personnel located at each of our collaborating organisations throughout Australia.

Glenn Papworth
Chief Operating Officer – Monash University
Jessica Despard
Central Theme Project Officer and Node Administrator - Monash University
Merrin Morrison
Communications Officer - Monash University
Masha Perry
Central Theme Senior Administrator – Monash University
Hatice Sarac
Central Theme Senior Administrator – Monash University
Janelle Giling
Central Theme Administrator – Monash University
Roxanne Jemison
Node Administrator – University of Queensland
Cindy Guy
Node Administrator – University of Sydney
Tenille Ryan
Node Administrator – University of Melbourne
Teri Furlong
Node Administrator – University of New South Wales
Danielle Ursino
Node Administrator – Australian National University

Program Coordinators

Apart from our scientific research, our Program Coordinators lead specialised programs that address societal, education, computational and industry issues raised by brain research.

Adrian Carter
Sharna Jamadar
Gender, Equity and Diversity
Pulin Gong
Wojtek Goscinski
Jakob Hohwy
Society and Ethics

Partner Investigators

Partner Investigators support the Centre’s research and are based at the partner organisations in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Michael Breakspear
Leader, Prediction - QIMR Berghofer
Mathew Diamond
International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Italy
International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, Sweden
Viktor Jirsa
Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes, France
Allan Johnson
Duke University, USA
David Leopold
National Institute of Mental Health, USA
Troy Margrie
University College London, Francis Crick Institute, UK
The Human Brain Project, Switzerland
Partha Mitra
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, USA
Tony Movshon
New York University, USA
Keiji Tanaka
RIKEN Brain Sciences Institute, Japan
Jonathan Victor
Weill Cornell Medical College, USA

Associate Investigators

Associate Investigators support the Centre’s Chief Investigators at their various collaborating institutions.

Derek Arnold
University of Queensland
Sofia Bakola
Monash University
John Bekkers
Australian National University
Anthony Burkitt
University of Melbourne
Vincent Daria
Australian National University
Paul Dux
University of Queensland
Alex Fornito
Monash University
Geoff Goodhill
University of Queensland
Ted Maddess
Australian National University
Farshad Mansouri
Monash University
Nicholas Price
Monash University
Fabio Ramos
University of Sydney
Olaf Sporns
Indiana University, USA
Naotsugu Tsuchiya
Monash University
Trichur Vidyasagar
University of Melbourne
Charles Watson
Curtin University

Centre Fellows

Massoud Aghili – University of Sydney

Nafiseh Atapour – Monash University

Tahereh Babaie – University of Sydney

Ilvana Dzafic – University of Queensland

Calvin Eiber – University of Sydney

Timothy Feleppa – Monash University

Teri Furlong – University of New South Wales

Xiao (Demi) Gao – University of Sydney

Saba Gharaei – Australian National University

Sharna Jamadar – Monash University

Tim Karle – University of Melbourne

Ehsan Kheradpezhouh – Australian National University

Melissa Larsen – University of Queensland

Sammy Lee – University of Sydney

Roger Marek – University of Queensland

Hamish Meffin – University of Melbourne

Anand Mohan – Monash University

Babak Nasr – University of Melbourne

Sander Pietersen – University of Sydney

James Roberts – QIMR Berghofer

Emma Schofield – University of New South Wales

Guilherme Silva – Australian National University

Matthew Tang – University of Queensland

Phillip Ward – Monash University

Dongping Yang – University of Sydney

Johan van der Meer – QIMR Berghofer

Centre Scholars

Ali Almasi – University of Melbourne

Sahand Assadzadeh – University of Sydney

Ashleigh Chandra – University of Sydney

Farah Deeba – University of Sydney

Daniel Fehring – Monash University

Mariya Ferdousi – University of Sydney

Natasha Gabay – University of Sydney

Yifan Gu – University of Sydney

Adam Keane – University of Sydney

Thomas Lacy – University of Sydney

Xiaochen Liu – University of Sydney

Yuxi Liu – University of Sydney

Rania Masri – University of Sydney

Jessica McFadyen – University of Queensland

Kamrun Mukta – University of Sydney

Eli Muller – University of Sydney

Brandon Munn – University of Sydney

Daniel Naomenko – University of Sydney

Winnie Orchard – Monash University

James Pang – University of Sydney

Momcillo Prodanovic – Monash University

Yang Qi – University of Sydney

Angela Renton – University of Queensland

Nipa Roy – University of Sydney

Rory Townsend – University of Sydney

Cong Wang – University of Queensland

Iris Zhu – Monash University

M S Zobaer – University of Sydney

Affiliate Academics

Elenora Autuori – University of Queensland

Alexander Bryson – University of Melbourne

Olivia Carter – University of Melbourne

Zhaolin Chen – Monash University

Giovanna D’Abaco – University of Melbourne

Michael de Veer – Monash University

Mirella Dottori – University of Melbourne

David Garret – University of Melbourne

David Grayden – University of Melbourne

Christine Guo – QIMR Berghofer

Tania Kameneva – University of Melbourne

Cliff Kerr – University of Sydney

Leo Lui – Monash University

Snezana Maljevic – University of Melbourne

Svetlana Postnova – University of Sydney

Steven Prawer – University of Melbourne

Kay Richards – University of Melbourne

Somwrita Sarkar – University of Sydney

Robert Sullivan – University of Queensland

Fabrice Turpin – University of Queensland

Francois Windels – University of Queensland

Yan Wong – University of Melbourne

Hsin-Hao Yu – Monash University

Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellows

Oliver Baumann – University of Queensland

Claire Bradley – University of Queensland

Konstantinos Chatzidimitrakis – Monash University

Shaun Cloherty – Monash University

Bill Connelly – Australian National University

Hannah Filmer – University of Queensland

Leo Gollo – QIMR Berghofer

Maureen Hagan – Monash University

Helena Huang – Australian National University

Delphine Levy-Bencheton – University of Queensland

Andy Liang – University of New South Wales

Natasha Matthews – University of Queensland

Matias Maturana – University of Melbourne

Sam Merlin – University of Western Sydney

Adam Morris – Monash University

John Morris – University of Queensland

Lena Oestreich – University of Queensland

David Painter – University of Queensland

Dragan Rangelov – University of Queensland

Margareet Ridder – University of Queensland

Paula Sanz-Leon – University of Sydney

Mark Schira – University of Wollongong

Cornelia Strobel – University of Queensland

Angelo Tedoldi – University of Queensland

Molis Yunzab – University of Melbourne

Elizabeth Zavitz – Monash University

Affiliate PhD Scholars

Nicholas Bland – University of Queensland

Tom Burns – Monash University

Tristan Chaplin – Monash University

Yadeesha Deerasooriya – University of Melbourne

Amu Faiz – University of Queensland

Azadeh Feizpour – Monash University

Masoud Ghodrati – Monash University

Kate Gillespie-Jones – Monash University

Michelle Hall – University of Queensland

Anthony Harris – University of Queensland

Clare Harris – University of Queensland

Basem Hassan – University of Melbourne

Luke Hearne – University of Queensland

James Henderson – University of Sydney

Surag Honnuraiah – Australian National University

Liliana Laskaris – University of Melbourne

Conrad Lee – Australian National University

Ting Ting Lee – University of Melbourne

You Liang – University of Melbourne

Jia Linghan – University of Melbourne

James McFadyen – Monash University

Dulini Mendis – University of Melbourne

Grishma Pandejee – University of Sydney

Madhusoothanan Perumal – University of Queensland

Kirstie Petrie – University of Queensland

Yadollah Ranjbar – Australian National University

Roshini Randeniya – University of Queensland

Declan Rowley – Monash University

Chase Sherwell – University of Queensland

Cooper Smout – University of Queensland

Artemio Soto-Breceda – University of Melbourne

Morgan Spence – University of Queensland

Shi Sun – University of Melbourne

Yajie Sun – University of Queensland

Susan Travis – University of Queensland

Chalini Wijetunge – University of Melbourne

Lisa Wittenhagen – University of Queensland

Shanzhi Yan – University of Queensland

Affiliate Professional Staff

Shi Bai – Monash University

Phillip Cheng – University of Sydney

Arzu Demir – University of Sydney

Oscar Jacoby – University of Queensland

Daria Malmanova – Monash University

Elise Rowe – University of Queensland

Petra Sedlak – University of Queensland

Katrina Worthy – Monash University

Li Xu – University of Queensland