Working to uncover the brain’s secrets

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function was established in 2014.
The Centre is funded by the Australian Research Council’s Centres of Excellence program.

Our vision

To address one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century – understanding how the brain interacts with the world, by focusing on the complex brain functions that underlie attention, prediction and decision-making.

Our mission

Our researchers study the relationship between brain activity and behaviour at multiple spatial and temporal scales, to build an integrated model of how attention, prediction and decision-making occurs.

This is being accomplished by a research program based on four interconnected themes: Cells and Synapses, Neural Circuits, Brain Systems, and Models and Technologies.

Our ambitious aim, to understand the complexity of integrative brain function, requires fundamental investigations into the principles of brain structure and function.

We are developing predictive models of brain processes for the development of novel neural technologies for patentable devices and software.

We are fostering a community of scholars by mentoring future research leaders skilled in multi-disciplinary approaches that are melding neuroscience, physics, and engineering.

Multi-pronged, multi-disciplinary approaches have the ability to capture the enormous scientific impact of understanding the integrative functions of the brain, and ensure that Australians benefit from the rapid advances being made in neurotechnologies.
Knowing how the activity of brain cells mediates the way we interact with the world creates tremendous possibilities. We can imagine practical vehicles controlled by thought, machine- brain interfaces to enhance our natural senses, technologies for accelerated learning, portable instruments for diagnosing brain diseases, and biomimetic robots.

We have formed a critical mass of Australian brain researchers with a deep knowledge of brain anatomy and physiology, neuronal networks, neural circuits, brain systems, human behaviour, and neurotechnologies.

We are now leading the Australian effort in this new field of knowledge, are training a new generation of multidisciplinary brain research leaders, and are building and strengthening our links with the world’s best brain research teams.