Working to uncover the brain’s secrets

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function was established in 2014 and is funded by the Australian Research Council’s Centres of Excellence program.

Our vision

To better understand how the brain interacts with the world.

Our mission

By focusing on the complex brain functions that underlie attention, prediction and decision-making, the ARC Centre for Integrative Brain Function researchers are undertaking fundamental investigations into the principles of brain structure and function.

The Centre is studying the relationship between brain activity and behaviour at multiple spatial and temporal scales, to build an integrated model of how attention, prediction and decision-making occurs. This is being accomplished by a research program based on four interconnected themes:

  1. Cells and Synapses
  2. Neural Circuits
  3. Brain Systems
  4. Models and Technologies.

Strategic objectives

The strategic objectives for the Centre’s next phase reflect the desired scientific, social and commercial outputs of Centre activities, and specific legacies that the Centre will leave following its seven-year funding period. These objectives include:

  1. Reveal how the brain integrates information in large-scale networks to yield complex behaviour
  2. Develop neural technologies and translate them into patentable devices and software; Ensure that Australians benefit from the rapid advances being made in neurotechnologies
  3. Maximise dissemination and exploitation of research findings across the education, medical and government sectors, into industry, and across the broader community, in order to bring about social change and progress
  4. Mentor a new generation of future leaders at the interfaces between neuroscience, physics, and engineering, to create an international competitive culture of combined theoretical and experimental neuroscience
  5. Position Australia amongst the world leaders in the international drive to expand the understanding of neuroscience. Serve as an Australian focal point for interactions with leading international neuroscience initiatives, including the Human Brain Project and the BRAIN initiative.